101 Things to Do Before You Die

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25 Responses to “101 Things to Do Before You Die”

  1. xxxBEELEExxx says:

    I called

  2. MrBryanR says:

    yeah justin biebers terible movie plus him equals ( Waht the fuck (dies) )

  3. AsElmoHater says:

    Um………..Thanks for telling me :)

  4. Sheryl Lin says:

    Oops what is the ending song srry auto correct

  5. Erick Elizondo says:

    number 3 HELL NO

  6. Brandon Spratt says:

    did u rlly throw up

  7. xXxkilller says:

    As soon as I saw your try not to laugh videos I subscribed to see if you
    got more but I’m kinda losing interest no offense dude and if you got a ps3
    add me on psn Zekekiller520 thanks

  8. MotoMan12 says:

    What is 2g1c?

  9. Anja Schwieterman says:

    U didnt f@#$in warn me about that horrible movie! I was crying in my room
    yelling make it stop and definatly not listening of watching it! JB is a

  10. SilverAnimator says:

    i have an idea :3 – PARTY HARD :D

  11. moutooz says:

    i never watched 2 girls 1 cup and i never will…but i heard of it and how
    disgusting it is, so at 0:34 i literally screamed out HELL NO! i even
    paused it to scroll down and write this xD … okay back to the video

  12. bulipap says:

    @bulipap Ok now I know, the funny part is when I pressed the dislike

  13. BestfriendBeatles says:


  14. Biddly Diddle says:

    Number 9: Run with scissors. You know, this would have been better if it
    was a bit more fast paced. Also, I’ve never seen 2 girls 1 cup, a friend
    sent me a link to it years ago and I saw exposed skin for a fraction of a
    second, and being a straight female myself, I said “hell no!” and
    immediately left the page. What’s it like?

  15. Snazzy Pat says:

    @hockeyd3kes88 In what ways? I wear glasses?

  16. riseagainst savior says:

    i love number three

  17. classi2themax says:


  18. marcelldabest says:

    @toconffusedr4words yet your name is to confused4words…..yeah your very
    bright shut the fuck up

  19. cpmitchell3 says:

    That kinda sucked

  20. lolykebrtwv says:


  21. Ivan Telenok says:

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  22. paulocarmonava says:

    @AsElmoHater disgusting you will hate it

  23. Kelsey Dworshak says:

    Marry Me.

  24. rkofan300 says:

    I’m doin 3 now the American Godzilla is on

  25. Snazzy Pat says:

    You can’t just keep doing the same thing all the time. Plus I don’t want to
    be “that channel that makes Try Not to Laugh or Grin videos.” It would get
    really old. I am making one last Try Not to Laugh video but after that I’m