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25 Responses to “20 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE | Chris Barrett”

  1. TheRandomFilmsHD says:

    Whens your next video ?

  2. snailmail2000 says:

    Somehow i doubt that though

  3. TheRandomFilmsHD says:

    Summer break !!

  4. ladybeautiful213 says:

    its sunday ?? weres the new video ?

  5. Chris Barrett says:

    Please subscribe! I’m going to try to make a new video every Sunday!

  6. lifewithtayla says:

    You seriously have so much personality! You’re adorable! Keep up the good
    work :)

  7. FunkyUnicornsEatPie says:

    You are the best!!!

  8. SkyWarriorShayman says:

    Before I die I will eliminate the human race and die knowing I was the last
    man standing

  9. Sensei Nachos. says:

    Take a picture with a YouTube star.

  10. eddiewispers says:

    have a robot that does everything for me

  11. Emma Scott says:

    lolz XD

  12. besidesyou15744796 says:

    i wana Get every game consal before il die!!!! and drink 500 gallons of
    milk :)

  13. snailmail2000 says:

    you said comment the thing i wanna do before I die huh? Me, Have sex with
    all the girls i like. and if there lesbians, Watch them. If you know what
    i’m saying.;D

  14. Simon Dereje says:

    Before I die I want to have so much money and get so much girls u know what
    I mean!

  15. snailmail2000 says:

    Nice list.

  16. sk19bff says:


  17. KaraCloud1D45 says:

    meet jc caylen and harry styles and heck 1d

  18. Chris Barrett says:

    HAha. that’s a good idea. Don’t forget to subscribe :)

  19. princessniyah941 says:

    Be the next American idol and pray for Jesus to except

  20. ChrisAndLukeCovers says:

    sorry bro but it is basically impossible to get more twitter followers than
    Justin Bieber

  21. SuperLlamaCorns says:

    love this!

  22. Sami4misa says:

    I want 2 everything

  23. ChrisAndLukeCovers says:

    Become famous!!

  24. ladybeautiful213 says:

    Get 5,000 views? and 100 subscribers !!!

  25. daniel rubiano says:

    So thats what you did before i went to your house