BUNGEE JUMP! #11 – Things To Do Before You Die

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25 Responses to “BUNGEE JUMP! #11 – Things To Do Before You Die”

  1. AlannahHoran0201 says:

    4 people lost there penis

  2. Katie Wagstaffe says:

    ILYSM Bribry <3

  3. thebutterflykick says:

    @BriBryontour Maybe you could design shirts to go with the wristbands? Then
    people can get them during another flash mob or gathering? :)

  4. BriBry says:

    @TheCallumMeister18 ….I think I may….

  5. BriBry says:

    @AwsomeSoda I hates my hair :(

  6. alexa13003 says:

    my insperation im gonna live my life to the fullist just like u one day

  7. 96alexdoho says:

    Whoa,nice,i didnt think when you go bungee jumping you get hung by your
    feet,that looks scary

  8. Jenny Brown says:

    I really must congratulate you for this one, because I am petrified of
    heights and just watching this was scary.

  9. BriBry says:

    @SwissIrishFTW <3

  10. BriBry says:

    @Wasomacosalo Yes I’m a bit sad like that :P thanks for the comment

  11. BriBry says:

    @LittleMissLaughsx Thanks love!x

  12. WaterLily331 says:

    @BriBryontour You were pushed? LOL! (Sorry!) I couldn’t even tell! It still
    took guts, though, and was a great thing to do for charity, so
    CONGRATULATIONS! I hope I do this eventually… but I’m probably too much
    of a coward ;)

  13. FAILxSMARTIES says:

    I’m from malahide aswell

  14. BriBry says:

    @allisonishappi Haha a compliment/insult. Love it :P

  15. amyrose794 says:

    wow :)

  16. Dragon Fly says:

    *starts video* HOLY CRAP *falls off chair* IS THAT DARA??

  17. ThereIsAlwaysLove1 says:

    this made me smile so big :)

  18. Emma McLaughlin says:

    Woah id be so scared if i had to bungee jump..xD Well donee…:D Was it fun

  19. Kerry Richardson says:

    is anyone missin a penis?

  20. xoalittlebitxo says:

    OMY! How scary! But you did it! :) Would you ever do it again?

  21. BriBry says:

    @guru9519 Haha 2 euro hat :) can’t go wrong!

  22. itsonlykatya says:

    i really wanna do this.

  23. BriBry says:

    @AquadianEffect Wasn’t it??! Did they make you take your shoes off too? For
    some reason that made it way scarier for me

  24. BriBry says:

    @westernlight2010 Thanks :)

  25. mischiefmanaged4 says:

    Omgg I could never