MEET YOUR NAME SAKE! #9 – Things To Do Before You Die

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25 Responses to “MEET YOUR NAME SAKE! #9 – Things To Do Before You Die”

  1. kayleigh middler says:

    There is someone with the same name as me in my math class

  2. Flutella123 says:

    Have never met anyone with the name “Florentina” like me :(

  3. kylieyoder1 says:

    My name sake is Kylie Minogue .-.

  4. Rachel L. says:

    0:57 My initial reaction: Ahhh… he’s driving on the wrong side of the
    road! Silly American!

  5. alicewelly says:

    I’m the only person in the world with my name. Bad times…

  6. OhaiTurtle says:

    haha that’s so cool

  7. Zoe Nicholson says:

    My namesake is an old lady writer/advocate for something. we have the exact
    same first, middle and last name. all spelled the same too! Only she seems
    kinda like a bitch….

  8. telegramspam says:

    @BriBryontour Near where I live in Wellesbourne (Warwickshire, England) It
    was actually pretty fun despite the vom and the views are well worth it.
    (Dunno if you’d fit a camera inside the plane though because they’re pretty
    tiny.) =] I hope you have better luck than me if you decide to do it!

  9. BriBry says:

    @dancergal90 genius x

  10. 0eoghan0 says:

    putting passport details is not a good idea!

  11. Will Turner says:

    I only have 1 namesake, and he’s fictional. (my name is Will Turner) ..
    maybe i should just try to meet up with Orlando Bloom .. that would be cool

  12. Siancake64 says:

    hah you met Bryna :) love her, thats something else you achieved

  13. dancergal90 says:

    naked brian flying a plane??? that could be interesting….hey and then you
    could incorporate your skydiving skills and get someone to take over
    flying, while you leap out! hows that sound??

  14. opiateflowers e says:

    Omg, Louis is a bit feisty at the beginning isn’t he?! :L

  15. BriBry says:

    @volcaniccolony Again with the nudity haha

  16. arcopizzicato says:

    hot air balloon, plane *naked brian* hot air balloon, plane :D you’re the
    best brian

  17. Rachel Watts says:

    Louis Walsh! :O Hollerrr!

  18. macattack423 says:

    i love you even more for playing Eminem :)

  19. Elizabeth Ashford says:

    bribry should so be a rapper ;D

  20. BriBry says:

    @electr0lady haha well done! Where did you do it?

  21. KiddSmiley96 says:

    I only have one namesake (that I know of) because my name is Myles Jeffers
    which is pretty… different

  22. samantha matloub says:

    Hot air balloon

  23. BriBry says:

    @TapiocaPenguin I’m really happy you said that actually cos I was getting
    worried poeple might get a wee bit annoyed by all the constant replies. so
    thank you :D xx

  24. JamesSjögurka says:

    My Name Sake is my Grandfathers mother or grandmother she was born in 1895
    and died in 1973 she is 104 years older then me. that’s quite fantastic^^

  25. katie teitge says:

    i think i would struggle to find another katie teitge.. anyway bribry, i
    love your videos and i admire you so much <3