Release A Home Video! #4 – Things To Do Before You Die

Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Release A Home Video! #4 – Things To Do Before You Die”

  1. Nany Elric says:

    How cuuuuuuuute :3

  2. Chelsea Bella says:

    Hehe.. Third… Sorry, but I love Irish accents when they say third… :) 

  3. mkdk15 says:

    Aw… Thing # whatever you’re on: let your hair grow out!

  4. orangeimi123 says:

    Love your red and white jumper ;)

  5. CodenameHexx says:

    The dance with your teddy around 3:32 was absolutely adorable

  6. Hannah Hodgson says:

    You really should’ve said ‘I don’t know’ xD

  7. Grace O'Sullivan says:

    u shud go back to bein ginger and put up a video!!!!! gingers all the
    way!!!! ;)

  8. Angela Wilson says:

    i love how the end is soo dramatic

  9. Katy Ball says:

    wow you were a cool three year old, i like your jumper

  10. Jenni Williams says:


  11. Ruthluvscupcakes says:

    seeing you with the teddy still makes me laugh xxxxxxxxxxx <3

  12. Breeana Carroll says:

    Awww so cute

  13. lucy anderson says:

    proud to be ginger!

  14. Kat Pierro says:

    wait a minute… your irish and a ginger…. LEPRECHAUN!!!!!

  15. Amy Rodley says:

    You should have stayed Ginger :) then we could be Ginger buddies! :D haha u
    were the cutesy

  16. Angela Wilson says:

    why does it say episode 15 then it says episode 4, did i miss something?

  17. star0dawn says:

    i want to see the stuffed dog in a current video, you said you can give
    them up because they just might be real. smiles i love your videos.

  18. Dochas125 says:

    I have a video of myself falling off a barbie scooter. I am 16. This
    happened last September. I am only slightly ashamed!

  19. birchskins says:

    Turd birthday, couldn’t not laugh at that.

  20. Tufg says:

    you were most likely the cutest thing in the world!!!

  21. Kate Bunting says:

    hi 5 for gingers bribry!

  22. Claire Evans says:

    Omg you where so adorable :D

  23. anna carolina veras says:

    omg what a cutiiie

  24. clared13 says:

    cute sweater!!!!!!!!!!lol

  25. IsminiIsMyName says:

    aww i love his little jumpers