SING AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE! #33 – Things To Do Before You Die

Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “SING AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE! #33 – Things To Do Before You Die”

  1. Sadbh NĂ­ Fhlaitheartaigh says:

    i had no idea hed written littl’an so long ago

  2. Moose Alina says:

    What are the chords? :3

  3. IneedaFez says:

    my only thought was Is that a jar of Vegemite

  4. 84c0nAndCh0c014t3 says:

    The bit at the end about tomato ketchup is hilarious!!

  5. Nucking Futcase says:

    @BriBryontour its so simple but that is like my favourite youtube comment

  6. Alexis Eacret says:

    Great song bribry! Have fun in all your travels and can’t wait for the
    t-shirts to come in! :]

  7. aislingboyle93 says:

    your aaaaamazingggggggg .

  8. Ellen Grimes x says:

    Proud to be Irish :’)

  9. itsbeccalynne says:

    Is this song available to download on iTunes?!

  10. Susana Cardenas says:

    your voice stirs up something in my soul!!!!!! i love it too much

  11. Giulia Holland says:

    why does everyone go to sydney! melbournes better! and you sound like murph
    from the wombats <3

  12. BriBry says:

    @Marjoleintegr Thanks friend :)

  13. bob nards says:


  14. William Brougham says:

    I came to Sydney on a working holiday from England and never left, My
    favourite city. Great video :)

  15. Becci Bride says:

    Your voice is so amazing

  16. Selena Yip says:

    ahhhhhh i’m in love with this song… when are you gonna record it?! :D
    *wants on iPod*

  17. Imindabuilding1 says:

    I was there on that day, why didn’t I see you?

  18. DomSmit says:

    haha a few weeks ago i went to Sydney for a school camp and we went up the
    Opera House stairs screaming and shouting “OMFG BRIBRY SAT HERE AND SANG
    OMFG OMFG OMFG” to many of people, i looked fucked in the head but to me
    thats what a true fan would do :P haha and now many people at my school now
    know who you are cause i talked about you a hell of a lot when we went
    there :P

  19. Caitlin Byrnes says:

    I wish I could hear your songs on American radio. They’re a million times
    better than a lot of the stuff that’s playing right now :)

  20. Dylan Scales says:


  21. SleepyAngel1225 says:

    ladies love you XD

  22. Stefanie Roslyn says:

    What are the chords Brybry? I wanna learn this one too :D

  23. Band0fThieves says:

    @BriBryontour are you kidding me? obviously your not shite dont be a silly
    billy youre great! :]

  24. Sophie Ty says:

    Come to Sydney again!

  25. Caityk94 says:

    did any one else see the open jar of Vegemite on the steps lol