Things to Do Before You Die #waywire

Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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17 Responses to “Things to Do Before You Die #waywire”

  1. Dianita9192 says:

    0:54 … :)

  2. kronokryro says:

    Who would you cater for if “the world is ending”?

  3. Martheworld says:

    if the world were ending, for real, more people would probably try to live
    their dreams. Or sleep around like bonobos. I also question what that
    means, ‘the world ending’ would it explode? blip out of existence? would
    nature overtake humanity? it’s a poorly phrased statement.

  4. Paty Latorre says:

    This video is perfect hahaha

  5. paperstarjar says:

    wait wait wait. your dad is mr rogers???? that explains SO much.

  6. Stephiedanger says:

    amazing, as always.

  7. adunne170 says:

    Oh Mike, you just keep getting awesomer.

  8. mikefalzone says:

    She’s in there. EYES!

  9. Connie Tryon says:

    you and coffee girl holding hands on top of a pyramid? AWESOME!!!!!!!

  10. kenchalms says:

    That was obviously Wiz tellin you whats up

  11. Rachellma says:

    Holly Shit. Holding Hands. Things are getting a little too PG-13 for my
    comfort. I’m out…..(jk)

  12. Millie Fleming says:

    Urrrgh, all the tweets and facebook messages about the world ending annoyed
    the hell out of me. Like, seriously, I wanted to throw a shakeweight at
    their head and pelt them with skittles. Miles and miles away people would
    hear my battle cry: “Yeah, the world’s not going to end, but it’s going to
    be one person short!” Unfortunately, the law doesn’t work in my favor.

  13. Amrita Ray says:

    My sister brought up a good point today, which was that isn’t the 21st the
    last DAY of the Mayan calendar? So once it’s over, that would be time for
    the apocalypse? Plus would it be midnight on the 22nd central time because
    Mexico or… the logistics of this are too complex.

  14. goose1485 says:

    Love the fact that Thomas Kinkade paintings make the backdrop to the forest

  15. Rory Foley says:

    Where is Coffee Girl? It’s not the same!!!

  16. msbreshine says:

    The animals and environment. This is exactly what I think. They would
    rejoice. And I would be glad for them.

  17. Clover HighFive says:

    Oh if only it could be the end of (some parts of) the world as we know it,
    we’d feel fine :D