Travel on the Orient Express – Things to do before you die – BBC

Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. FergusMcDopey says:

    They are probably the cutest, most adorable couple ever. Watching this
    video, I dare you not to be smiling by the end. Good for them.

  2. SuperniusPL says:

    They are with you all probably 50 years, and still love each other. How
    much passion in those kisses and love! Today, fewer and fewer such pairs
    … Great video. I posted on my web side

  3. lethyxmusic says:

    Wtf? How can the train go to London from Venice, what, it travels on
    invisible tracks over water?

  4. seb porter says:


  5. ccaammiiittoo1 says:

    @kenjryker Thank you. Travel anywhere for more than one day without a
    shower, I’m like, No way! I suspect that it is a memorable journey,
    railroad buff that I am. Do you plan to take the Asian Orient Express,
    starting, I think, in Laos and equipped with shower? Let me know if you do,
    okay? And again, thank you for sharing!

  6. Tom Oakley says:

    travels all over the place… different lines

  7. Thisnameistaken11 says:

    The subject matter of this is interesting, but it looks like it was put
    together by a mediocre first year film student. Is this the kind of crap
    the BBC are putting out these days?

  8. ireallyloverainbows says:

    beautiful scenery!

  9. Cynthia Schames says:

    @lethyxmusic: you take the British Pullman cars (owned and operated by
    Orient Express) from London, usually for lunch time, then you cross the
    channel via ferry and board the Venice-Simplon Orient Express on the French
    side in time for dinner.

  10. drefeno says:

    One day I’m going to ride that train!

  11. GearRocks says:

    I thought it only traveled from Paris France to Istanbul Turkey.

  12. justiakas says:

    word “quite” is too weak to express the dullness of this “experience”

  13. Afroknas says:

    damn they’re old!

  14. Alexandra Spingarn says:

    I would love to go from London to Venice on that train and take my son and
    his family!

  15. 123DTREY123 says:

    That’s a nice train :D

  16. MegaJABBAfan says:

    Imcredible…waoh…well here in Peru the train of OE has the nicest route
    but the oldests trains and they’re not as good as in other contries.these
    are shops more than trains for traveling.the owner has to see the trains of
    Cusco coz they’re so bad

  17. walkstone Kristóf says:

    @MysteryFanGirl Barbarian orthodox balkan and islamist turkey?

  18. ccaammiiittoo1 says:

    The train is without doubt lovely! But, as I’ve asked before, can one
    shower at the end of the day and before beddy-bye? Now that would be a

  19. mdiasjr1234 says:


  20. Shangas says:

    You really should do your history. 1. The Orient Express PROPER, does not
    exist anymore. 2. This is the Simplon Orient Express, which brings back the
    old days, but which ain’t the original company. It’s American-owned. 3. The
    original company was FRENCH owned and operated. 4. What’s racist about
    “orient”? You might as well say “White” is racist, because the proper term
    is “caucasian” or “black” is racist because the proper term is a
    “dark-skinned individual of African ancestry”.

  21. ahchu99 says:

    I am saving up for my 30th bday for this! Just need to find a good company!

  22. divooriginale says:

    Traveling on the Orient Express is on my bucket list.

  23. ahchu99 says:

    I am saving up for my 30th bday for this!

  24. kjhikjn . says:

    Orient express does not have showers, only basins.

  25. Cynthia Schames says:

    We were lucky enough to make this same trip in reverse, from London to
    Venice, as part of our honeymoon. It was truly an amazing experience!
    Elegant surroundings, incomparable scenery through the Alps, impeccable
    service, wonderful cocktail hour, and four-star dining. Being lulled to
    sleep by the gentle rocking of the train was possibly the most romantic bit
    of the trip–and those little Pullman beds are shockingly comfortable! The
    VSOE is definitely a must-do if you’re at all interested i